About MicroTech

Helping people hear. It's the reason we're here.

Why Choose MicroTech?

One of the industry's leading providers of advanced hearing solutions and services, MicroTech is the easy choice for America's hearing needs. That's because our simple, no-nonsense approach to hearing loss has provided people with the three things they need to help enhance their hearing – and, with it, their lives.

Smart Solutions

MicroTech hearing solutions are proven performers – yet we're constantly working to make them ever better. From eliminating buzzing and whistling to tackling speech clarity in loud places to styles that are virtually invisible when worn, when you get fit with MicroTech hearing aids, you can be sure they'll work hard, perform dependably and always sound great.

Personal, Reliable Service

We believe better hearing is best achieved through consultation with a hearing healthcare professional, and we're committed to providing the expert and individualized service you need for long-lasting success. That's why only hearing care professionals who undergo rigorous, ongoing training, and demonstrate our high standards of ethics, integrity and patient care are authorized to fit MicroTech hearing aids.

Outstanding Value

We know the decision to get hearing aids is a big one. So when you finally make it, you want the most advanced technology, thorough care and full-service support you can get for your hard-earned money. MicroTech delivers.