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Hearing Loss

One of the most common health issues in the world is also one of the most treatable.

  • 1-in-6 Baby Boomers struggle with hearing loss
  • The 3rd most common condition in older Americans is hearing loss
  • 50% of adults 75 & older have hearing impairements
  • Men are more likely to experience hearing loss
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You’re Not Alone

48 million Americans—or nearly one in five, age 12 and older—experience hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication.

You Won’t Stand Out

Asking people to constantly repeat themselves or responding inappropriately draws more attention than wearing today's stylish hearing aids.

The Effects

Let’s face it, living with hearing loss can be frustrating, even dangerous. Hearing aids can allow you to function better in all areas of your life:

Your Family

Your grandson’s silly secrets. Your wife’s soft “I love yous.” These are sounds you definitely don’t want to miss.

Your Work

If you’re missing important information on phone calls or in meetings, you may not be working at the level you want to be.

Your Safety

A car horn. An ambulance siren. The fire alarm. Hearing loss can cause you to miss important signals that alert you to danger.

Your Happiness

Do you feel uncomfortable at social gatherings? Are you missing the rewarding sounds of nature or your favorite music? Don’t let hearing loss affect your quality of life.

Hearing Test Simulator

Think you may have hearing loss? Try this quick and easy at-home hearing test simulator to find out if you should talk to a hearing professional.

Your Options

There's a hearing solution just right for you.

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Don't Wait

You wouldn’t put off getting glasses if you were having trouble seeing. Hearing loss is not something you should just “put up with.” In fact, research shows early treatment can make a difference.

Use it or Lose It

Over time, reduced stimulation to your ears and brain can actually impair the brain's ability to process sound and recognize speech. Hearing impairment is only partially recoverable with hearing aids.

The Sooner the Better

When you can't hear what's going on around you, your mental sharpness and communication abilities suffer. The earlier you start using hearing aids, the quicker you'll notice benefits.

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