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Take your hearing farther with Propel

Propel hearing aids feature our most advanced wireless technology in a newly styled, ergonomic design. These reliable, high-performance hearing aids are designed to make people come in clearer and every environment sound better. Combined with our SurfLink® accessories, they're also designed to enhance the way you listen to music, watch TV and talk on the phone.

Propel hearing aids are designed to:

  • Reduce listening effort in noisy environments*
  • Improve listening to music and TV
  • Enhance phone calls
  • Virtually eliminate whistling and buzzing
  • Fit comfortably, customized for your ears

* Sarampalis, A., Kalluri, S., Edwards, B., Hafter, E. (2009, October). Objective measures of listening effort: Effects of background noise and noise reduction. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52, 1230-1240.

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Propel Brochure

Propel Brochure

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